Pictures of Works in Progress

Now and again I’ll take pictures of my work in progress (or WIP) either because I want to show fellow knitters and crocheters how my work in coming along or so I can measure how far I’ve come in a large project when I feel like it’s never ending.  Sometimes they are at points where they don’t seem to look anything like the finished product or when it’s beginning to take shape.  Either way, the pictures are great for motivation and each picture tells a story or joy or pure frustration!


WIP 1 – The bottom of the bag


I saw lots of crocheted bags on Pinterest and one caught my attention.  I’ve crocheted in the round for lots of projects but not in an oblong.  It looks more like a stretched hexagon if I’m honest!  This was taken to test someone on what they thought this was, let’s say it wasn’t a kind test!


WIP 2 – Taking shape


I was so pleased when the bag began to take shape and actually look like a bag, a flat and fat one at that.  At this point I realised that the base needed stabilising by stitching the foundation chain at the centre of the oblong.


WIP 3 – Shaping the bag and strap


When I finished the main body of the bag (albeit early) I was worried at how large the opening of the bag was, until I crocheted the edge.  Crocheting the strap was probably the most dull part of the bag because of the constant dc (sc) and turning.


If you would like to see the finished bag then pop yourself over to the Crochet Gallery page!


WIP 4 – Finished waistband


This was a really interesting pattern, a DIY skirt!  The first part was crocheting the waistband in a ‘rib’ style.  This didn’t take long because of the yarn weight and large hook.


WIP 5 – Beginning the skirt


It took some time before the dc (sc) rounds began to show remnants of a skirt (if you use your imagination!).  I noticed, at this point, that the skirt was not going straight down, instead it was shaping outwards.  After quickly trying it on this happened…


Probably every knitter and crocheters’ nightmare!!  To turn your WIP into a pile of spaghetti!  However, the skirt was far too loose and if I’d carried on I wouldn’t have worn it.  It would have been a huge disappointment, especially when it took me a very long time to find a skirt pattern that I liked.  I did manage to turn my spaghetti into a skirt, which you can see in the Crochet Gallery.


WIP 6 – Leg of sock


(this picture doesn’t show how gorgeous the colours really are!)

I had never worked with yarn this small (4 ply) and it grew very slowly!  I commented on a post from a knitting page on Facebook to show a current WIP with this picture.  Once I eventually moved on from the rib stitch to the knit stitch and heel shaping I managed to appreciate how quickly it can grow, especially during a motivation bubble!


WIP 7 – Second sock


When you look at the first picture and compare it to this, that was nothing compared to the finished product!  Finishing the toe shaping was so horrendous that starting and keeping the motivation to do the second sock was difficult.  I’m not normally a lover of making the same thing twice.  I often compare the second sock to the first to ensure the shape and length remains consistent, but it can make me grumpy knowing that it’s growing slowly and that there’s a long way to go!  At the point of writing this blog, the picture above was the current stage of my WIP, pictures will follow when complete!


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