Welcome to Yarn Therapy

Hello and welcome to my blog site Yarn Therapy.  You will find pictures of my wonderfully completed knitted and crocheted projects in the galleries.  I try to provide as much information as possible if you would like to give them a go yourselves.  If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will try my best.  I have also created a page listing terms and abbreviations used in knitting and crochet to help with any confusion.

I believe arts and crafts is a fantastic way of improving mental health, whether you are plagued by mental illness or not.  Learning any sort of craft exercises your mind, like you would your muscles at the gym.  At first, it feels odd, unnatural and the immediate benefits are non-existent.  But, as you work, as you learn, as you grow, you can begin creating projects worthy of shop window displays or, more importantly, for your own use.  This blog focuses on knitting and crocheting, however you can chose any craft.  You can sew, play music, create furniture, bake, cook, paint, draw, write, there are many crafts out there!  And if you do choose yarn, you can create works for many reasons.  For yourself, your home, as gifts, as donations, or all the above.

I hope you enjoy this blog and find it useful.  Please leave feedback, be it compliments and improvements.  Happy crafting!